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Dr Upadhyaya has set 80 world records, including 21 more world records.

He was given 21 more world records during a special ceremony in the capital on Thursday.

The Chief Guest of the 21st World Record Handing Ceremony was Inspector General of Armed Police Shri Shailendra Khanal. The guests handed over the world record to Mr Upadhyay, including the current President of the lyricist association, Chundamani Devkota; the current President of the International Nepali Literary Association (ANESAS) Radheshyam Lekali and the founder of Everest World Records. Earlier, Dr Upadhyay had set 59 different world records.

Musician Santosh Shrestha made a welcome remark in the program facilitated by journalist Naresh Bhattarai. “This is a matter of pride for the whole of Nepal and not for the individual”, he said.

The chief guest of the function, Inspector General Khanal, said that Upadhyaya’s work was exemplary for Nepalis and added that we should freely appreciate it.

Dr Upadhyay holds the American Book of Records, Asian World Record, Champion Book of World Records, World Talent Book, Everest World Record, European Record Book, URF World Record, Asian World Record, The British World Record 21, etc.

He has received world records in 21 different songs related to different rhythms (classical beats), lyric poems featuring traffic signs, lyric poems featuring major capital cities of the world, lyric poems featuring the names of animals, songs half-hearted each time, internationally renowned. There are lyric poems featuring women’s names, lyric poems featuring world names, lyric poems featuring world-famous cakes, lyric poems featuring the names of the world’s oldest temples, and more than a hundred of their songs in placard size.

In the program, Nepali songs and music was involved. Dr Chudamani Devkota, the past President of the Songwriters’ Association of Nepal said that he was proud of the work done by Mr Upadhyaya. He said, ‘Upadhyaya has made a significant contribution to the world of Nepali song and music. This is very commendable work and we are all proud of it.’ He said that we Nepalis used to be known in the world for khukuri, but now they are also known in the world through the pen.

Similarly, Radheshyam Lekali, the current President of ANESAS, congratulated Upadhyay for bringing Nepali songs and music to the world market and wished him success in writing Nepal’s name in all world records, including Guinness and American World Book. He said, “These records are a matter of pride not only for DR but also for the country.”

Similarly, guests including Madhav Khanal, Hemprabhavas Adhikari. Dr Upadhyaya said that he had intended to introduce Nepali music to the world and wished him all the best. Stating that he is doing all this for himself and the country, he said that he is moving forward with the goal of reaching 100 records soon.

Inspector General Khanal was given a token of respect and love in the program. On the occasion, musician Santosh Shrestha, Sagar Adhikari, journalist Naresh Bhattarai, Krishna Bhusal, Geeta Adhikari, Rajendra Luitel, choreographer and director Michael Chand were awarded Certificate of Appreciation from the US Book of Records.

Literary personalities including Binod Dahal, DR Rai, Rajbabu Shrestha Sagar and other eminent personalities were present on the occasion.

Dr Upadhyaya has published 25 albums, 12 novels and three songbooks.

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