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SPORTIWE – An advanced sporting aggregator

Whether it is life or sports, a partner is always necessary. Isn’t it? For making life partners we have a lot of applications and means but for sports? Earlier we didn’t. Now? Now we have— SportiWe!

SportiWe is a platform that connects one sports enthusiastic with another. Either be it digitally or physically, SportiWe plans to build a community of sportspersons. Sports be it of any kind, is widely enjoyed and played globally. Match, Meet and Play are the main pillars on which SportiWe stands on; where the user can find a co-player as per their preferences, catch up with their new find play mates and play at their favorite venue nearby or in their locality.

SportiWe is founded by Varun Gururaja and co-founded by Amey Dalvi, Santhosh Gowda, K S Gururaja & Nalini Gururaja from Mysore, Karnataka with the aim to make sports community and increase sports engagement and physical activity, irrespective of age. SportiWe which launches this month is enjoying a steady climb with a huge fan base even before its official launch already has close to half a million followers on social media and close to 25 thousand pre-registered users, which is huge and shows how many sports fanatics this country holds.

As the launch is scheduled to happen later this month, SportiWe is looking and is open to onboard sporting venues in the country for a partnership. Those sporting venues that join hands with SportiWe can list their place and services for free in SportiWe platform and easily promote and sell their offers on SportiWe for a flat 15% service fee without any complexities. All one needs to do is drop an email at partner@sportiwe.com or ring SportiWe on +91 96060 77060 / +91 96060 77061 / +91 96060 77062.

With the integration of technology and love for sports the output that produced is— SportiWe, an advanced sporting aggregator is all set to make the sports enthusiasts crave an interactive and engaging experience. SportiWe with the next-gen sports has already created a huge storm amongst the users with its unique and innovative idea of building a sport community. Its advanced feature of finding new friends simultaneously, player networking, venue finder etcetera has wooed the audience to a greater deal. SprotiWe has also launched trailer on their website for their upcoming launch.

The mobile application of SportiWe comes free for the users and pre-registrations are still open for premium memberships. To sign up, the users can drop their normal details on www.sportiwe.com. SportiWe mobile application can be found on Google Playstore and apple Appstore soon after its official launch where you can find a plethora of sports events and sports venues on the SportiWe app. They can also find the venue of their choice and explore playgrounds basis their favorite sport with just a click, just on SportiWe.

The SportiWe website also provides sports news on their website named Sportscoop, they also have their newsletter which can be subscribed where they provide latest details of anything and everything related to sports. The SportiWe team continues to organize various sports events in the country.

SportiWe is also expanding its team and looking forward to hire sales and Software development professionals. The candidates who may be open to a good career opportunity can share their portfolios to hiring@sportiwe.com with the subject line of desired position.


Reach out to SportiWe on the following links and join the team now.

Website: Home – SportiWe

Email: contact@sportiwe.com

Facebook – www.facebook.com/Sportiwe

Instagram – www.instagram.com/Sportiwe.india

LinkedIn – www.linkedin.com/com/Sportiwe

Contact Number: +91 96060 77060

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