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Meet Amrita Gupta, the Founder of Uberdigitals Steering the Branding Dynamic Globally!

Amrita Gupta is the CEO and Founder of Uberdigitals and building head-turning brands of businesses. She is on a mission to empower 10,000 professionals to achieve their high-ticket clients. She is also the founder of ubercontenz – another digital content venture specialising in high-end content writing, academic writing, copywriting and other business consulting services and digital marketing.

Amrita was born to a business family, but creating a niche in today’s digital platform has been her solo journey. Driven with a passion for learning and a burning desire to make a name for herself, Amrita has come a long way since the start of her life as an Entrepreneur since age sixteen. Unlike other teenagers, she chose to offer help in her father’s venture at an early age and understand the market’s pulse and its expectations.

Amrita is a humble soul born to the most stunning parents and presents herself as a simple person. However, she is one of the top Brand Strategists of India with over 15 years of experience in branding and sales.

Amrita pursued her MBA degree at the International School of Business, Kolkata. As Amrita started her career in her teenage years and was curious to keep herself updated to changing times, she has earned experience across versatile domains besides sales and marketing.

Her love for uncovering new opportunities made her take new projects and explore more and achieve success. Her constant desire to compete herself and emerge better helped her establish a digital growth empire of her own that encompasses businesses and brands across the globe and still expanding the horizon.

Amrita possesses a strong understanding of marketing, branding, consulting. With every passing day, she has professionally nurtured various reputed organisations and learned how to tackle customer handling, branding, and working with teams and designed strategies from every experience to create a position for herself. Her clients rely upon and trust her. Before she started as an entrepreneur, Amrita occupied important positions in prestigious organisations, like Tarang and Pantaloon India, Oracle, Philips, Evergreen, Business Times, Magma, DailyNews, Newsdesk24X7, Lakme, and many more.

Besides being a digital brand strategist, Amrita is a perfect communicator and quite resourceful and analytical. With these innate qualities, she stands out strong as a Business Coach to small business owners and professionals to help build their venture into brands –https://meamrita.com/  

Apart from this, she also has a strong knack for weaving magic through her words. She has a team of professional experts, including social media experts, graphic designers, SEO specialists, and content writers. Together they support her in the journey of becoming a digital maestro –https://ubercontenz.com/

As a keen learner, she did many courses. She acquired writing and lead generation certifications, LinkedIn brand building, and worked with notable individuals like Rajiv Taleja, Sandeep Maheswari, Avi Arya, and many big shots and influencers. This pandemic couldn’t alleviate her aura, and with a team of over 60 professionals, she stands more potent than ever.

Uberdigitals https://uberdigitals.com/ is now a 360˚ digital marketing company built on determination, diligence, and competency and provides specialised services such as branding, web development, and marketing. She works holistically to offer her clients complete digital assistance to transform their business from scratch to success. They work with diverse client portfolio and doesn’t see any challenge as a limit.

Amrita has digitally empowered many entrepreneurs through coaching and training sessions to achieve their dreams in this pandemic.

Amrita also has a knack for writing and has contributed as a copywriter, ghost-writer, eBook expert, and a trusted freelance content writer. She has several publications credited to her writing passion; a few of them are listed here:

  • A Treasury of Cake Assortment: Handbook of Cake Baking Recipes
  • Discover-The Realms of Life: Few Notable Short Stories from Modern Chapters of Life.
  • Personal Branding with Amrita
  • Sell Like Hell

Amrita Gupta wears multiple hats; she is an entrepreneur, a digital brand strategist, social media expert, business coach, and writer. She intends to help start-ups, business professionals, and age-old business that needs high-end sales.

Amrita intends to help people and businesses explore their potential and help them with digital success. 

She is very optimistic about life, inspiring, and lives with a vision for the community she is trying to build. Her endurance and calm demeanour help her maintain pace even in the face of turbulence in life and career.

Amrita says: “Positive thinking is not about expecting the best to happen, but it is about accepting that whatever happens; is always for the best.”    

For details, visit:

Amrita Gupta: linkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/brandwithamrita/

 Instagram :https://www.instagram.com/digitalamrita/ 

Uberdigitals : https://uberdigitals.com/  Ubercontenz : https://ubercontenz.com/

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