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Spread love and kindness from being behind and see the world turns towards you and lifts you. That time you will hear a voice saying that,” She made it! “

Ashiqua Fatima.S is 19 years old, she passed Class 10 in J.M Matriculation School and passed her Class 12 in Bentinck Higher Secondary School for Girls in Chennai. Currently, she is persuing her Bachelor’s degree in B.sc Advanced Zoology and Biotechnology at Justice Basheer Ahmed Syed College for Women, Chennai. Apart from writing, this young star is fascinated to read motivational books and quotes, sketching and to spread the motivational vibes all around. Her favourite Author is William
Shakespeare for English and Bharathiyar for Tamil. She is a simple girl of being optimistic at times of tight corner. And likes to represent her love and emotions through the quoted lines in the form of poem. There in the line she finds herself being the bee on the flower tasting the sweet honey. And also secretes that honey to build the comb of affection, smile and positivity for the readers and for the people who loves to read. Reading for some is not a passion, but a compassion. Same way, this little bee finds the easiest compassionate lines to fill her poem with rose petals and flourish it through the readers. And now, even the world has started noticing the efforts behind and positive vibes beyond. This challenging career is a way to success and to experience the path of people who welcomes her with smile. She would now like to thank all her supportive reader’s for being there as an encouragement and tells them to be valiant at spreading kindness and She enjoys herself saying one of her favourite quotes,


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