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Sudipta Mishra is a true multi-faceted artist, dancer, writer

Sudipta Mishra is a multi-faceted artist and dancer who has excelled in the various fields of art and culture. At a young age, She has already weaved more than 100 books as a co-author.

She has been ceaselessly musing on different social platforms like Youth Ki Awaaz, Momespresso, The Pink Comrade, Story Scraper, etc.

The prestigious Notion Press has so far published three books to her credit. Her book, The Essence of Life, is credited with Amazon’s best seller recently. Her book, The Songs of My Heart, so well crafted, is all set to scale newer heights and pinnacle of glory in the days to come.

Sudipta Mishra has garnered numerous accolades from various international organizations for her outstanding contribution to the literary world. A strong female voice against gender discrimination, global warming and domestic violence against women, pandemics and the ongoing war in the global scenario, she has penned countless articles in the newspapers of Bihar and Odisha. 

Her poetic excellence has been duly lauded globally and she is conferred with Honorary Doctorate by the International Academy of Culture, A Word With Renaissance, Motivational Stripes and International Human Organisation.

As an author and a poet, Sudipta Mishra has reached the acme of success and zenith of glory receiving recognitions like the International Besties Award by Bhabya International Foundation and the Best Author of 2021 by the Indian Golden Award Organisation. 

Recently, she was bestowed with the prestigious Rabindranath Tagore Smruti Award for her notable contribution to the literature from the cultural department of the Seychelles Government. 

She is working as an administrator in numerous International groups like GENESIS WORLD WRITERS COMMUNITY (GWW), International Academy of Culture, CHAUCER’S SQUARE, Dream of Equality Bangladesh, SURYODAYA LITERARY FOUNDATION- ସୂର୍ଯ୍ୟୋଦୟ  ଭାଷା ସାହିତ୍ୟ ପ୍ରତିଷ୍ଠାନ, GLOBAL POETRY FORUM and so on.

She is also working as chief editor of an international Magazine of Genesis World Writers Community.

She has been bestowed with the coveted Women’s Leadership Award of India by organizations like  Nirgia and Glantor recently. 

Dr. Sudipta Mishra is an accomplished source of inspiration for the young generation of India. Her free verse in romantic and melancholic poems is appreciated around the world.

Presently, she is pursuing a Ph.D. degree in English at CVU in the Kingdom of Tonga.

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