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Abhishek Bordia – One Man, Many Missions, One Goal

Abhishek Bordia

Abhishek Bordia is a Chartered accountant and works as a practice leader of Ahmedabad city for Internal Audit & Risk Advisory Services (IARAS) at RSM, the 6th largest consulting firm in the Globe.  

He possesses over 10 years of experience (6.5 Years of Professional and 3.5 Years – Practical Training) in the field of Internal Audit & Risk Advisory Services. Abhishek Bordia has worked with more than 50 groups and traveled across 6 countries including the majority states of India. He has been involved in providing services for Internal Audits reviews, Enterprises Risk Management, Business process re-engineering, Process Reviews, IFC reviews, SOX testing, SOPs, Fraud Investigations, Management and Financial Audit, Operational Reviews, Management Dashboards, and Special Reviews. 

Bordia has worked in various sectors like Mining, Oil and Gas, Manufacturing, Consumer products and Confectionary, Automotive, and Auto Ancillary, Automobile, Telecom, Media, Gaming, Telecom, Pharmaceutical, Real Estate, Not for Profit Organization, and Insurance sector.

He has collaborated with I-HUB Gujarat – A startup and Venture capital management group of the Government of Gujarat to provide an ecosystem for start-ups. 

He has also collaborated with Chairperson of Hridhya se hospital group shri Surendraji Chhajed and has started a national cause to provide free health treatment for cancer, heart disease, knee replacement, and all women care along with efforts to provide jobs to all. Planned to connect 1 million families as the first milestone.

Abhishek Bordia shares a deep interest in Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain technology, Machine Learning, Metaverse, Virtual and Augmented Reality. He has been taking sessions on these subjects frequently. He is bringing his own book on “Metaverse” and “Blockchain technology”.

Abhishek has been profound towards writing since childhood. He writes in all genres and has participated as co-authors for more than 25 books with multiple publication houses like Namya foundation, Beermati Publication, Sarvad Publication, Wordsmith Publishers, Creativity United, RK publication, Khwaab publication, Bibliophilic Hub, Golden Leaf Publication, Dreamers Shelf, etc.

Abhishek Bordia – Ventures and Start-ups 

He is currently associated with the following ventures and Start-ups:

  • 1.    Building Youth Building Nation – Health care support to everyone across the nation. Bring happiness to the lives of all and work towards creating a prosperous nation.
  • 2.    Writing jewels – Writing jewels is a writing publication house. It works for supporting writers and compilers to live their dream and bring their books to the floor. We enjoy helping the writing community to flourish. We thrive to make it a nationwide notion.
  • 3.    Envison: Legit technologies – An umbrella of all the IT Disruptions and Innovations which will help creating applications on more than 6 platforms like a flutter, blockchain, Java, etc. It will also work for gaming apps. 
  • 4.    Finanvo – It is the Single Source of verified corporate information of more than 2.4 million Companies, 3.3 million Directors, 9.5 million GSTIN Entities, and 7.5 million MSME records, through a comprehensive platform.
  • 5.    Data Nest – We are building a web3 data marketplace where-in users can buy and sell data across the globe. Collating all the open data of the universe on a single platform to find the interconnected patterns of the data and using the same for solving problems and educating people. It’s like Amazon or Flipkart of Data.
  • 6.    NJ wealth – Advisory on Mutual fund, Equity and ETF, Insurance, PMS, Bonds and FD, Asset Management, NPS, Loan Against MF, NBFC, Offshore Investment Services 
  • 7.    Blockchain and Metaverse advisory – Advisory on Initial Exchange offers Defi mining and foreign investments for more than 20 platforms across the globe.
  • 8.    Music band – Collaboration with Singers, DJs, and music lovers from various locations to create wholistic platform for every artist.
  • 9.    Salvo – Medical equipment manufacturing and support to healthcare.
  • 10.    Cerbotech: Beyond the Brain – Targeting students aged between 6 to 18 years for Cognitive Assessment and Training with BCI Tech-based Cognitive Skill, Enhancement Program.
  • 11.    Delbird – It is Ahmedabad’s exciting destination for the “Last Mile Logistic & Warehouse” service provider. It enables quick, trusted, and efficient delivery that is going to reach every corner of the targeted geography.
  • 12.    Unschool Academy – Unschool is a melting pot of counter solutions to all the problems that exist in the education system.
  • 13.    Bibliophilic Hub – It is a writing publication start-up based in Berhampur town in Odisha state. Believes in writing on varied topics and genres, customer satisfaction and punctuality. They have completed 3 books within 4 months.

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