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The “DAD” Anthology Compiled by Megavarthini R.

The “DAD” Anthology Compiled by Megavarthini R.

The “DAD” anthology compiled by Megavarthini.R and published by INKZOID FOUNDATION has been written by different authors. This book will show you the father’s love, sacrifice, etc. It will get you to some emotions, different kinds of feelings and family love. Every write-up of the book is based only on love, Father’s love. This book contains beautiful write-ups of many writers. The theme of the book is Fathers love and language is English.
This book contains many beautiful poetries, stories each of it is “DAD’s love”. Hope the readers would enjoy it.

Who Is The Compiler Of “DAD” Anthology Published By INKZOID?

The Compiler Of “DAD” Anthology is Megavarthini.R who is a 19 year old teenage girl, from Salem, who is a creative short story writer and also a poet. She is an Arts student pursuing B.A English from Sri Sarada College for Women, Salem. She is a disciplined person with very high self-confidence, and hard working in achieving her goals. She is very caring and knows how to treat a person with respect and equality. Her short story “A Brother’s Gift” was published in an Anthology named, “The stories of 10 colours”. It shows her skills in fantasy short story writing with moral values. Her name was also entered in the “INKZOID Book of Records” for compiling the above mentioned anthology. Her name was entered in the multiple book of world records for writing a 20 T-liner poem where all the starting letters of each line is ‘T’ as ‘T’ is the 20th letter of the English alphabetical order and she got ‘Grand Master’ title for that record. You can follow her @megavarthini.r in Instagram.

Who Are The Co-authors Of The “Dad” Anthology Published By INKZOID?

The “DAD” Anthology Compiled by Megavarthini R.

The co-authors of the “Dad” Anthology are Anwesha Rath,Darshini.J,Gayathri Ramesh,Harshita Saha,Kabila.M,Kavyadharshini Srinivasan,Kaviya.M,Leena Jose,Megavarthini.R,Monika,Monisha.B.K,Nivedha.S.K,Nivethitha,Preethi.S,Preethi Maliga,Soundarya.R,Til Kumari Sharma
& Varsha.

So Here Are The Co-authors Of “DAD” :-

Anwesha Rath

She is a girl from small town used to see huge dreams now is working in anthologies is just 19 years old doing graduation her aim is just to take care of her parents as they cared for her till her dream is not writing poems but to share heartfelt message.


She is 19 years old engineering student. She is from Salem, Tamil Nadu. She is interested in dance, art and writing Tamil poems. You can interact with her on instagram: yell_love_26

Gayathri Ramesh

She is a Daughter of Ramesh and Thilagavathi, is a 20 years old girl, from Salem. Studying English literature. She loves to write poem and she likes to draw well. The poem DAD was dedicated to her Daddy, Whom she loves more and more. She likes to write books in both Tamil and English.

Harshita Saha

She is 21 years old medical student, from Ranchi, Jharkhand. She is a writer and has been writing since two years ago. Also interested in cooking, art and travelling. You can interact with her on facebook: Harshita Saha or : harsh.ita_6301. She has secretly discovered the rule breaking magic of content writing and article making.


She is born on 22nd August in Salem, Tamil nadu, India. She completed her schooling in Kongu matric hr.sec school Salem,Tamil nadu. And currently she is pursuing English literature in Sri Sarada College for Women (Autonomous) Salem, Tamil Nadu. She is very punctual and do her work at right time. She loves her family very much especially she is fond of her father Muralidharan and her mother Sangeetha.

Kavyadharshini Srinivasan

She is a 19 years old girl, from perambalur who is a girl with very creative and enthusiastic personality. She is a better short story writer and also a poet. She is an engineering student from Jeppiaar engineering college, Chennai. She is very well-respected, self-confident, honest, hardworking, more disciplined person. Her lines explain deep emotional and some indirect soulful meaning attract the readers. She loves to draw, also one of the authors in the magazine “Miracle of Arts”. You can also track her on Instagram @kavii_in_kavi.


She is a 19 years old girl. She is living in Salem. She is a twin daughter to Muralidharan and Sangeetha. She did her schooling in Kongu matric hr.sec school. Now she is pursuing B.A English at Sri Sarada College for Women (Autonomous).She is very punctual at her work. She is interested in painting and gardening too.

Leena Jose

She is a blossoming Indian writer, a critic, a pious youngster, blogger, a dimensional thinker who inspires everyone with her writings. She is from Kottayam, Kerala and currently resides in Avadi, Chennai. She often wishes to wallow in books, reading them and to pen down the sudden surge of ideas in her notepad during her leisure time. She received several laurels for her pen-skills like essay and story writing, poetry and for her oration. She loves to create fictional characters and bring them to life. She started her career as an author at the age of eight and still continues to write down her ideas. She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in English at Mar Gregorios College of Arts and Science under the University of Madras. Her only satisfaction lies in reading books and writing books. You can also view more of her works in her blogs “http://leafofliterature.wordpress.com”.


She is not only the compiler of this anthology but also an author.


She is a 17 year old girl, from salem, who is aspiring to become a novelist and a poet. She is a student of Sri sarada college for women, salem, pursuing B.A English. She is creative and out of box thinker, a person giving much importance to education. She is a strong willed person and kind hearted. The poem dedicated to DAD anthology is her first poem and she’s grateful for the compiler. This piece also contains some fantasy elements.


She is a 19 years old girl from Salem, daughter to Boopathi and Kalaivani. She did her schooling in Mount Mary Matric.Hr.sec.School in Salem. She is an Arts student from Sri Sarada College for women, in Salem. She is a fondness girl to her brother. Her aim is to write a TNFUSRC Exam.


She is a 19 years old teenage girl, from Salem, daughter of Karthikeyan and Priya. She did her schooling in Sri Sarada matriculation higher secondary school for girls. Now she is pursuing an Arts degree B.Com in Government Arts College for Women, Salem. She is interested in sports.


She is a 20 year old teenage girl from Dharmapuri, who is aspiring to became a Poet. She is a student of Sri Sarada College for Women (Autonomous), Salem. Pursuing BA ENGLISH. She has more helping tendency, fond of friends and family. The poem which she wrote to “DAD” Anthology is her first poem.


She is a 28 years old woman, from Thanjavur. She is poetess(Tamil and English), Research article writer and RRC Member. She is a Research Scholar ( Ph.D – English)at Government Arts and Science College for Women Orathanadu. She is dignified person and philanthropist. She has done Paper presentations at National level seminars. She has qualified TET, CTET and NET. She makes students to be confident in attaining goals and she practices sudents how to endeavour failure and get perseverance in reaching success.

Preethi Maliga

She is a 16 years old teenage girl, from Salem, daughter of Kannan and Uma maheshwari. She is doing her schooling in Kamarajar girl’s higher secondary school, Salem. She is interested in reading books, drawing, arts and crafts and playing shuttle.


She is a 19 year old writer and a poet, daughter of Mr.Ravi and Mrs.Supriya, hails from the city of Salem, Tamil Nadu. She completed her schooling at St. Joseph Mat. Hr. Secondary School and currently pursuing B.A in English literature from Sri Sarada College for Women. Her name was entered in the” inkzoid book of records” for compiling a unique anthology which becomes a world record. She wrote a 14 N liner poem and got 2nd world record. At last, a very big thanks to the almighty.

•Til Kumari Sharma

Ms. Til Kumari Sharma was born in Bhorle-Hile , Paiyun 7 , Parbat , West Nepal. She is known as pushpa too. Her parents are Mr. Hari Prasad Bashyal Sharma and Mrs. Lila devi Bhusal Bashyal. She is youngest daughter of her parents. She had her school as Janata Ma.Vi. Bhorle, I.A. from People’s Campus, Paknajol, Ktm. She has her B.A. from R.R. Campus, Ktm, B.Ed.(Eng and Population) from T. U. Kirtipur and M.A from Tribhuvan University (English Department) Kirtipur Kathmandu. She has finished her L.L.B from Nepal Law Campus Ktm. Her PhD is in English Literature from Singhania University Pacheri Bari, Jhunjhunu in Rajasthan (India). Her aim is to write about society, females, love, war, peace, nation and world. She has published over thousands of poems, many essays and other literary writings. She is a famous international poetess and author. She wants to lead world with her philosophy Tilaism / Pushpaism.


Varsha is a 20 year old teenager who currently lives in Salem in Tamil Nadu. She is pursuing B. A .English from Sarada college for Women. She likes to travel and discover cultures and places. And wish to captivate the worlds alluring beautiful places and culture in the words. Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.

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