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Nisha – a freelance content writer making a big difference with small things

An ardent feminist and a go-getter, Nisha firmly believes that small things can make a big difference. She is a Freelance Content Writer who writes articles, blogs and poems. She is also a change-maker who is passionate about working towards myriad social causes. Her breakthrough in life came through an online women-only community where she landed an opportunity to become a published writer/poet. Since then, she has co-authored around 11 anthologies for various publications. She also got an opportunity to work for a Startup and individual different clients that imparted her more exposure in her writing career. In addition to that, she also became successful in securing a few impactful internships and volunteering opportunities with several Indian and international organizations. She is never afraid of trying her hand at all the unconventional careers out there. She likes to dance, sing, do gardening, cook and smash patriarchy whenever she gets a chance to. Her future plans are to land paid promotions and work with top brands besides taking her love for music and dance to the next level.

The Achievements of Nisha

June 2021 – Her blog ‘Time to Brainstorm Energy Self-Sufficiency Model Like the Seville Way’ was retweeted by Emasesa (a Spanish municipal water corporation) and AEOPAS (Spanish Association of Public Water Operators)

Link to the blog: https://www.theharkink.com/time-to-brainstorm-energy-self-sufficiency-model-like-the-seville-way/

Feb 2022 – Been a part of a global magazine (Arcobaleno)

Feb 2022 – Featured in Edition 6 of the Irenic Magazine by the Eclipse Event Community (an initiative by The Unheard Stories)

March 2022 – Won her first-ever award: Lost Pearl Oyster Awards 

Category: Inspiring Female Writer of the Year 2022

May 2022 – Landed her first-ever promotion of a book: Promotions of the novel ‘The Last Love Story’ by Deepthy P Nair

July 2022 – In April, one of Nisha’s colleagues at a Youth-Led International Organisation connected with her regarding an exchange program. Nisha was selected as one of the Indian representatives for the program. She was the Executive Supervisor for the Department of Femmepreneurship.

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