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The Life of Jesus by Rev. Dr Geoffrey Waugh is about the chronology of Jesus’ life and ministry

The Rev Dr Geoffrey Waugh is the founding editor of the Renewal Journal and the author of books on ministry and mission. He taught Anglican, Catholic and Uniting Church students in Trinity Theological College and the School of Theology of Griffith University and taught at Christian Heritage College in Brisbane, Australia. He taught in schools and Bible Colleges in Papua New Guinea and in the South Pacific and led short-term missions in Africa, Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific islands.

Geoff and Meg have been blessed with three adult children and eight grandchildren.

His book The Life of Jesus provides a brief overview of history’s greatest love story. It gives a summary of the birth and boyhood of Jesus and describes his ministry through three Passover Festivals.

The book includes a detailed chart of a chronology of Jesus’ life and ministry and examines why such a popular and compassionate young prophet would encounter intense hostility and opposition leading to his crucifixion.

The mystery and wonder deepen because his resurrection transformed his followers and millions of lives.

We date our diaries and calendars from the time of his birth.

The Life of Jesus by Rev. Dr Geoffrey Waugh – Amazon link – https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09ZCVYVR5

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