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Vishakhapatnam’s leading Opthalmologist Dr. Ajay Kar is also a passionate writer!

Getting to know Dr. Ajay Kar is nothing less than a privilege. One will vouch for the fact that he is the embodiment of reaching great heights in career whilst pursuing their passion. Dr Kar is one of the finest Ophthalmologists in Vishakhapatnam, India. While his roots go back to Sambalpur in Odisha, his professional life led him to settle in the south of India.

Dr. Ajay Kar is an alumnus of the prestigious Christian Medical College in Vellore and holds an MD in Ophthalmology from the institute. Having established a successful career in medicine did not stop him from pursuing what has always ignited his passion- writing. Bones In The Blue Barrel, a crime thriller, is his fourth novel after having published three extraordinary ones and has already received tremendous praise for them. An excellent author that he is, Dr. Kar surely knows how to keep his readers engaged throughout the time they take up his books to read. 

Managing one’s professional commitments without giving up on your passions can be quite tiring. However, Dr. Ajay manages both aspects quite efficaciously, which is a truly commendable skill. This passion for writing stems from his love for reading and it is indeed motivating how he makes time from his busy schedule to indulge in both.

Dr. Kar also serves as the “Charter Chairman” of the Vizag Alpha 305 Roundtable and has been associated with an organization that helps educate the lesser privileged children via the “Freedom Through Education” project. His philanthropic contributions do not end there, as he also devotes time and effort to supporting blind children at the Vishakha Model School for the Blind in Vishakhapatnam.

A person whose professional and social achievements are loud enough by themselves, is truly an inspiration. Although Dr. Kar has already achieved great things, he continues to make a difference through his writing and social contributions. The three novels he wrote previously as well as his most recent one are exemplary and should be read and shared even more widely. Despite the excellent yet intimidating positions he occupies, he remains one of the most humble and hardworking people. We are sure to see Bones In The Blue Barrel continue to rise through the ranks of success and become a hit thriller.

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