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Zowey Rens – The Young Filipino Author is chasing writing goals one by one

Zowey Rens (born 2002) is a Filipino author and a consistent Dean’s Lister. Nominated for several international awards, Zowey Rens has published several books and worked as co-author in many anthologies.

Zowey Rens is a Filipino author born in 2002 and a consistent Dean’s Lister. Ever since they were a child, telling stories and composing songs have been their forte. Having a poet mother and a poet father made them write poems at the age of twelve and, at the same time, create short stories.

At the age of 15, they published their first ever book on Wattpad, entitled “Instantly”, and after completing it, they stopped writing for two years.

However, an opportunity came the moment their first novel reached over 100k reads. They were given the opportunity to write on a paid writing platform called Dreame, a writing platform under Stary Writing. This sparked their motivation to continue to write and because of this, they interacted with a lot of international authors and writers, leading them to co-author more than ten international anthologies.

Zowey Rens is also a registered author in the Philippines and has been nominated for international awards. Two of their books, Cruelly and Heavenly, will be physically published this year. These books are written in TagLish, or the combination of Tagalog and English. Cruelly will be published under Paperink Publishing House, a publishing house in the Philippines founded by Laura Rodriguez and Heavenly will be published under Chapters of Love Indie Publishing, a publishing house in the Philippines founded by Almar Jeon Villaber. 

Zowey Rens is also a student of The Writing Academy, a 12-week writing program by Precious Pages, a publisher and book and magazine distributor in the Philippines. They joined a local short story writing contest organized by Nooker and Double R Publications and placed in the Top 6. 

These are some of the international anthologies that Zowey Rens has co-authored: 

  • The Wisdom Spell by Atanu Mandal (2022)
  • Mother’s Embrace by McKinley Hub Publishing (2022)
  • MOM by Abnishar Granguley and Antonio Ma-at (2022)
  • Mothers of the World by Gabriela White and Antonio Ma-at (2022)
  • Endurance by Serlina Rose (2022)
  • Choices by Pallavi Jeethan (2022)
  • Unsaid Words by Deepika AS (2022)
  • Valley of Thoughts by Sabyasachi Rout (2022)
  • My Constellation by Hemalata Maderaju (2022)
  • You by Jessica Toppo (2022)
  • Road to Success by Susmitha Sathish (2022)
  • The Broken Star by Malvi Mehta and Pragya Bharati (2022)
  • Dream Chaser by Meetu Chopra (2022)

These are their completed novels by Zowey Rens being published online: 

  • Instantly (2021) 
  • Regretfully (2021)
  • Unforgetting You (2021) 
  • Heavenly (2022) 
  • Cruelly (2022) 
  • Unexpected Proposal (2022) 
  • Unexpected Groom (2022)

Their username on Wattpad is ZoweyRens. To this day, they still continue to pursue their dreams and achieve their writing goals one by one.

Read more about Zowey Rens here.

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