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From Impossible to Unstoppable: Dr. Pooja is an inspirational icon to the youth.

Dr. Pooja Senthilkumar, the multiple Award-winning author, and writer stand as the epitome of courage and resilience. She has substantiated that “Age is Just a Number”. Her solo book about Happiness is named ” The Guide to Glee” which is a self-help book launched in 2021 that has helped many youngsters.

She is known for her admirable character and powerful leadership traits. She is indeed one of the best examples of “Beauty with Brain and Empathy”.

She is the one who radiates positivity through her smile and actions that light up the room. Her writings and speeches make everyone motivated.

She made history, with her book named ” Anecdotes of Life” making it the first book that contains only quotes. She won the world record for the same.

It was a most special award since she was fascinated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam since childhood, she dreamt of meeting him and getting recognized by him for her talent. So, she took part in every competition in her school but she didn’t win the prize. But, 8 years later, She made a World record which was recognized by Kalams book of Records and by which she was titled as

Her authorprenuer journey is filled with Ups and downs. She says that during the hard times, it was only the supreme divine that held her hands and gave her the strength to tackle her struggles. She doesn’t have firm support from her family, but she says, that is what made her so independent and strong.
Also, she adds that she is so grateful to God for surrounding with lovely people who always cheer her at success and correct her mistakes.
” People who love me and accepted me for being myself, are my best friends
because my growth graph isn’t stable, it goes up and down but my people are constant. They had always been there for me and I am very concerned about their health and happiness ” – says, Pooja.

She has been wrecked by the competitors and been pulled down by discrimination which threw her into mental illness but nothing has stopped her from achieving her vision. She always came back stronger.

To sum it up,
Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.

On behalf of all her fans, we wish her the best for the upcoming.
Keeping Flying high, Agni Siragu.

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