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Charli – Helping others to find their own way in life

Charli is a poet who is coming from a dark background and helping people find their own way through poems

Adopted by two wonderful parents and raised with her brother and sister, Charli started her journey in Southern California, and traveled all over the state. Eventually, she made her way to Texas where she moved from her tremendous drug use to obtaining her master’s in psychology. She has experienced over 45 years of challenges, from rapes to drug addiction and shares her experiences through her poetry, hoping it will help others to find their own way in life.

Charli found ways to start letting go of her adoption, rejection, abortion, sexual assaults, drug use, and much more through her poetry and writings. She is now blessed with two grown boys and has been married to her best friend for three years.

Charli continues to write in New Mexico, United States. She hopes to communicate to others that, “We are not alone when terrible things happen to us and each of us has the ability to rise over whatever despairing situations try to bring us down. We can rise above anything. We ARE human. We ARE ALL beautiful. We ALL deserve to be heard. We ALL MATTER.”

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